Terms of Service

Before using our Services, please carefully read these Terms of Service.

By using our Services, whether as a guest, as a registered user, or otherwise, you agree that these Terms of Service will govern your relationship with us, and are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Germany. You also accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the German Courts in relation to any dispute that may arise in connection with these Terms of Service or your use of our Services. These Terms of Service apply to all users of our Services. If you do not completely agree to these Terms of Service then you must not use any of our Services.


Rust Reborn

Rust Reborn is operated by Yannick Kreth Softwareentwicklung. References to "Rust Reborn", Yannick Kreth Softwareentwicklung, "Us," "Our," and "We" refer to Yannick Kreth Softwareentwicklung and Rust Reborn.


All current and future services, domains, subdomains, game servers and other content you may access that are under our control.


You, regardless of whether you are an individual, group, or organization, and regardless of on whose behalf you are using our Services.


Any account that you are using to access certain Services, such as Steam account.

Service Account

Any account provided by us that you create to access certain Services.


Purchases available for purchase through the Services.

Game rules

Rules that may be specified by us for a specific game, game mode or game server.


Also known as Cheating, methods of gameplay not expressly authorized by us, facilitating or influencing gameplay or granting you or any other user any sort of advantages over other players who are not using these methods, including exploits, bugs, errors, undocumented features, and so forth.

Ownership and Limited License


Rust Reborn and all Services are owned and operated by Yannick Kreth Softwareentwicklung. All intellectual property rights, including copyright, in the content displayed on our Services belong to us. All rights are hereby reserved.


We grant you a non-commercial, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable, limited license, subject to the limitations in these Terms of Service, to access and use our Services for your own entertainment purposes. You agree that you will not use the Services for any other purpose.


You may access our Services through Accounts. These Terms of Service apply to all users of said Account. It is the responsibility of the Account owner to ensure that all Account users have read and will comply with these Terms of Service.

We may permanently delete Service Accounts on our Services or delete data associated with Accounts and we are not obliged to provide you with a reasoning. If your Account is deleted, you may lose access to any information associated with that Account.

License Limitations

You acknowledge you will not directly or indirectly do the following:

  • Encourage, promote or participate in any activity or action that we deem to be against our Services;
  • Encourage, promote or participate in any Game rule breaking activities;
  • Encourage, promote or participate in any Cheating activities;
  • Use man-in-the-middle, crawlers, spiders, robots software, or any other automated processes to access, use, reverse engineer, or manipulate the Services, Service Accounts, or Rust Reborn;
  • Promote, encourage, or participate in any activity involving hacking, phishing, distribution, modding of the Services in any way not authorized by us;
  • Create or utilize any in-game items created or duplicated by using game bugs, undocumentated issues, or design flaws of the Services;
  • Attempt to harass, bully, abuse, harm, threaten, or embarrass another person, us, or advocate or incite what is stated above;
  • Attempt to gain unauthorized access to Services or Accounts not belonging to you; or
  • Use the Services where it is prohibited by law.


Purchases are owned by Rust Reborn and are not your property. We may manage, regulate, control, modify or eliminate all Purchases at any time, without any notice or announcement and without payment to you. We shall have no liability if we exercise any such rights.

You must be at least sixteen (16) years of age in order to make purchases on Rust Reborn. If you are under the age of sixteen (16), you must have a permission from a parent or legal guardian in order to proceed with your purchase.

All charges in connection with the Services are payable in advance, final, and are not refundable in whole or in part, for any reason, except as required by applicable consumer rights law in your local jurisdiction.

All purchases have a duration, including "Lifetime" (which is lifetime). They may expire or get revoked any moment without any refunds and other forms of compensation without an explanation, e.g. game server gets closed.

Any purchases with timespan "Lifetime" will be revoked on any servers that get closed and you will not be refunded. You will not receive any compensation for unused Purchases when an Account is deleted or closed.

Published content

Any content you upload to or through our Services must be accurate, complete, and free from fraud, of any Intellectual Property Rights infringement, from threats, invasion of privacy, and other injuries to third parties; must be in compliance with these Terms of Service, not be in violation of any law, or other parties' rights; must be free of viruses, spam, adware, or other malicious code. Content that you post will be considered non-confidential.

Changes to Terms of Service

We may change Terms of Service from time to time. We will post any Terms of Service changes on this page. Please check back periodically to view changes to our Terms of Service. If changes are significant, we will provide a more prominent notice.

Terms of Service were last updated on 22 August, 2020

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